GoGive Memberships are paid between the 1st & 30th of each month

GoEnterprise payouts are between the 10th & 15th of the following month

GoEnterprise must GIVE in order to RECEIVE

Failure to make your monthly membership means you do not receive your payout for that month

Two members under your link covers your monthly membership fee for the month.

Three or more means you double your money!


GoGive to Give us a try

GoGivers donate to GoPoLive our cause of justice for all and gain instant access to our Social Engagement Platform,  a safe place for community interaction, education and entertainment for a monthly donation of their choose. 

$30.00 Monthly Membership


With a GoEnterprise, members receive all the features of a GoGiver plus your personal Affiliate link. This link allows you receive the industries highest paying commision of 66.7% for every affiliate that you refer. Members must give each month to receive their monthly commissions. Members GoGive between the 1st-30th of the month and payouts are between the 10-15th of the following month. This ensure that only those who give receive and maintains the integrity of our group giving economic system. Basically, with a GoEnterprise you’ll receive $20 for every referral every month times each new member you bring  and there is no limit to the referrals and residuals you can generate.

In addition, GoAffiliates gain instant access to our GoEDU Self Governance Programs.

Our programs are designed to transition our affiliates from the working class to the creative class by moving from the public to the private.

Learn everything you need to know to be a private state citizen and how to invest/convert residuals into cryptocurrencies and even how to cultivate your own cannabis.

GoEDU GoGROW tuition is $600  Must be a member to enroll.

Available 4/1/2021